List of HST Directors and Officers

Horse-Shoe Trail Officers and Directors

Administration of the H-STC is carried out by a Board consisting of 18 volunteer directors. 

President/DirectorIngrid Cantarella-Fox
Vice President/DirectorKent Wagner
Treasurer/DirectorKatherine Shank
Secretary/DirectorSally Zaino
Trail Maint. Co-Chair/DirectorDon Newcomer
Trail Maint. Co-Chair/DirectorJamey Hutchinson
Trail Protection Chair/DirectorAllen Heist
Director/Legal AdvisorDavid Romine
DirectorAndrew Tuleya
DirectorChris Magner
DirectorDiana Sprucebank
DirectorGlenn Owens
DirectorKristy DeTitta
DirectorLisa Peterson
DirectorRob Smith
DirectorNancy Fellenser
DirectorVincent Ryan
DirectorStephan Kincaid